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Una experiencia con todos los sentidos.

  • Is it worth hiring a video for my wedding?
    As the years go by, no one will remember how incredible the food was, how beautiful the decoration was, they won't even remember who the DJ was. When you want to go back and remember that moment, you will only have the photographs and videos of your wedding left, and we all know that you are not going to put an album of 700 photos at a dinner with friends. Our video gives you the possibility of traveling to your wedding day in 10 minutes that will fly by, no matter how many times you have seen it. The combination of images of your loved ones, speeches and moments of happiness and emotion, mixed with carefully chosen music results in a unique and unmatched memory. The only way to remember your first dance, your best friend's speech, or the shouts of celebration as you leave the ceremony is with a video. We're not going to convince you to do it with us, and it really doesn't matter who you decide to do it with, but having your day saved on video is something you'll never regret.
  • Who is behind The Travelfilm?
    We are Pau, Adri and Josep, three videographers passionate about telling stories. The three of us started separately years ago in the wedding sector, and we have decided to join forces so that each of us can perform different functions and be able to provide the best service to our couples. We provide you with 24/7 attention throughout the entire process of preparing your wedding and advise you on all the technical aspects that will make your wedding and your video impeccable, from location advice and schedules, to how to pose, be more natural and how to take advantage of the light on the day of the celebration. To be able to do that, each of us plays a different role, generally you will always communicate with Pau until the day of the wedding, and you can have up to two videographers on your day; Pau and Adri. Josep will carry out the editing process for your wedding so that you can receive your video as soon as possible without having to sacrifice effort or quality. And if you are going to celebrate it in a big way, we will be happy to have the 3 videographers on the team come to your wedding.
  • Do you travel anywhere?
    Of course. We are based in Mallorca, Spain, but we are available to film anywhere in the world. Every time we get on a plane to attend a wedding we feel nervous as if it were our wedding. We love to travel and that is why we have recorded weddings in dozens of places around the world. We know that moving someone to another country can seem like a headache, but we make it as easy as possible for you. To travel anywhere in Spain, we charge a flat rate of €380 with all costs included (transport, accommodation, meals) and this way you don't have to worry about us having to send you all the tickets or having to book any service for us. It is as simple as paying this amount and we will be travelling anywhere in Spain. If you do the math you will see that this amount normally does not cover all the expenses involved in traveling to your destination, but if this is the case and it exceeds the amount mentioned, we will assume the extra cost. If your wedding takes place anywhere else in the world (outside of Spain) we will do a quick analysis of the costs that this will entail and we will try to keep the expenses as low as possible, and we will take care of booking everything that needs to be done, like transportation and accommodation.
  • Do you have drone service?
    Yeah! We have a drone and we use it in the vast majority of weddings. We believe that it is practically mandatory in your video and that it gives a unique perspective to the location. We have all the necessary permits, licenses and obligations to be able to fly a drone, yet for each wedding we analyze the area and the regulations to ensure that it can be flown without problem.
  • Do you deliver raw videos?
    Yeah! All our packages include a video in which we include all the important moments in their entirety in raw form and with minimal editing to correct errors. This video contains all these moments chronologically (speeches, dances, entrances and exits of the ceremony, gifts) and if you want the rest of the raw material you just have to tell us and we will give you the best solution.
  • How long does it take you to deliver the video?
    We know you want to see it ASAP so we try to be as quick as possible while still giving it the time it deserves. Our delivery deadline is 4 months from the wedding day but our current average is two months after the wedding.
  • Do you offer photography service?
    No, we are dedicated solely and exclusively to video and we try to improve in this field every day to offer you the best possible service. Even so, we work with trusted photographers who are real stars and we will be happy to recommend them.
  • Can we choose the music for our video?
    We believe that music is one of the most important aspects in your video, and we want to know in depth your tastes on this topic. Since we listen to hundreds of songs each season, we know perfectly well what type of music will suit you best and before editing the video we will decide together on the music. With our knowledge and your tastes, we will send you a song proposal and we will always be open to listening to your suggestions.
  • How many videographers come on the wedding day?
    As a general rule, only one of us will attend, although for an extra cost you can hire a second videographer for the entire wedding day. Our recommendation is that you hire a second videographer after 200 guests or if the logistics of your wedding are very complex. In any case we will give you our personal recommendation for your specific case.
  • How can we hire you?
    It's very simple, you just have to fill out the contact form and we will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours via WhatsApp or Email. From there we will schedule a call to get to know you and make sure that we both fit in with what we can offer you. When you take the step to reserve our service, we will simply sign a contract electronically so that you have all the guarantees and you will pay a small deposit, this way the date is blocked exclusively for you.
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