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We are Pau, Adri & Josep.

We are three filmmakers passionate about telling stories united by the same vision, The Travelfilm. Proud to be able to live off of love, we travel to any place in the world to tell your stories and we will always be grateful for it.

Our goal is not to show how it looks, but to tell how it feels. We want to put you in a bubble of emotions, sounds and passion. We strive to create unique pieces, molded to each couple that are capable of transcending time, and that in 10 years at any dinner with friends, you will continue to have the same sensations as the first time.

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Our Work

Tailor-made videos with the essence of your emotions.

Jessica & Sascha

From the very first call to the last bright smile into your camera on our wedding day - we were so happy to have chosen you to be our wedding videographer! Your professionalism and work is truly amazing. Everytime we watch our beautiful wedding video, we get to relive the moments of this very special day over again and again. Your storytelling and sound design is pure art. We are beyond happy and can’t thank you enough for your amazing work.

We want a match.

Getting to know each couple like any two other friends, it is something we take very seriously. We deeply believe that to create a custom-made memory we need to know as many details as possible about your story. We are not just another service at your wedding, we want to be your confidants and delve into the most intimate of your emotions. Both parties must fit together and we are looking forward to hearing your story. Do you want to know more about us and our service? Click here.

Butterflies in the stomach?

If you also start to feel that tingling inside, it's time to get to know each other. We really want to listen to you and be one more in your day. Let's get face on it!

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